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Welcome to my Library!

Below is a list of all the work posted in this journal.  If you like what you read please leave comments and criticisms, and feel free to add me!  If you have any suggestions as to what I should write, please visit this thread and post a comment to let me know.  Thanks!


The Hero - Set in WW2. Charlie Blunt is a master at the art of war, but he's not so keen on the title of 'war hero' as people may think.
All Broken Up - Alternative Oscar/Matt in which Matt is... well. A bastard. And he's not really. Honest!
Want - Proper Oscar/Matt (!) in which Oscar reflects on what he really wants. Drabble-ish.
Lieber Ferdi (1) - Two boys, best friends and would-be lovers, are separated by the Berlin Wall. Title means 'Dear Ferdi'.
First - A shy boy's first kiss. Drabble.
Apple Of... - A boy and his professor are lovers - but really are lovers, for once.
Treasure - A woman muses on the moods of her lover. Drabble-ish.
Thirty words. - A one-sentence drabble.
Give Blood, Give Life - Autobiographical drabble about not being able to give blood.
Stick (Around) - Young girls with mixed signals, hormones and uncertain sexuality; it's bound to make a mess.
Men and Boys Snippet - Excerpt from my NaNoWriMo 2009.  Smut.
This Isn't My Bed - First post in the My Best Friend's Heart series, introducing Becky and Jenny.  Becky is hungover.
Twelve. - Freewritten drabble about how innocent I was when I was younger.
Transition - Freewritten drabble about observation.

(in ideal reading order, but can be read as stand-alone stories after reading At Home on the Red Carpet)

At Home on the Red Carpet
- An introduction to Sebastian and Liam, and their set-up.
Tabloid - Liam likes reading Sebastian's interviews. Plus, they come with great pictures.
White Lie - Sebastian has a plan. A cunning, cheeky plan.
Emily - An introduction to that cool-headed manager you've heard so much about.
Je T'aime - Sebastian's an affectionate drunk.
'Nirvana'; Not Just a Band - Sebastian googles Kurt Cobain and ends up with Buddhism. Understandably, nobody can take him seriously.
Seven Haikus and an Opportunity - A series of seven haikus depicting a scene at Sebastian's house.
Blot - Sebastian, once again, ends up looking like an idiot.
Charlie - Sometimes vulnerability is as endearing as confidence is appealing.
Camera Whore - Sebastian loves the cameras. Drabble.
Rude - Sebastian's first thought is dirty but his second is sincere, and that unnerves him.
Show/Lift-Stopper - Liam and Sebastian get stuck in a lift together.

should be read in order

Love Me Do, Part One - Alex Ford is a peacock amongst pigeons in London, 1965.  The Beatles are his everything - until a new neighbor takes George Harrison's secret place in his heart.
Love Me Do, Part Two - See above.
From Me To You - Alex and Marco grow steadily closer and it becomes clear that George Harrison has almost certainly been elbowed out of place.  James's envy of their close friendship is magnified by his racism.
She Loves You, Part One - Alex talks to Marco.
She Loves You, Part Two - See above.


Harry Potter


Plain Sight - Ron looks at Hermione for the first time; really looks at her. Drabble.


Territory - There's just something about Luna. My first ever attempt at femmeslash that apparently didn't crash and burn as it could have.


The Urge - Sirius and James do battle through chess.
Choose - James... can't exactly be described as faithful to Lily.
Home - Cutesy, besotted James thinks about his relationship with Sirius. Drabble.
Only - Drunkenly getting off with Sirius means twenty minutes of bliss on the night and weeks of torture afterwards.  Drabble-ish.


Wallflowers - If they collapsed together he wouldn't mind it, really. Drabble.


Pivot (1) - Remus can't stand being in the background any longer.
Rain - It’s a cliché, but that’s why he loves it. Drabble.
Curtains - They're such everyday things - just ordinary scraps of material - but they've played such an important role in his life.  Longer-ish.

Ace Attorney

Turnabout Triangle (1, 2, 3) - A post-Apollo Justice love triangle between hobo!Phoenix, Apollo and Klavier.


Blur - Arthur looks at Merlin, post-encounter, and whines about remarks on how beautiful he is.
That's Lunch - Written for the Merlin Kink Meme prompt 'Arthur comes home to (or walks in on/wakes up to) Merlin in nothing but underwear and one of his (Arthur's) blazers.'

Brideshead Revisited

Formality - "(It was) a formality to be observed, nothing more." - Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited p243.
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