Fräulein Slash (frauleinslash) wrote,
Fräulein Slash

Sleepy Moon RPG

I've just set up a new roleplaying site, and I'm seeking members. :D

Sleepy Moon RPG is set in modern England when the magical community has recently 'come out' and revealed itself to the non-magical portion of the country.  As the government begins to fund magical academies and the magical community strengthens, some non-magical people are pleased to reap the benefits of magic, whereas others think it's a waste of taxpayers' money to fund such a blasphemous group.  Yet more are trying frantically to develop something that will give them magical capabilities, too...

We're currently accepting both magical and non-magical twelve-year-old characters, and I'll also need some teachers to run the classes at each of the three schools.  If you like, you may also have an older character so we've got a bit of balance in place, but please ask first so we can make sure they're OK before you post them :) If you're interested in an older character, the details are in the first announcement.

If you wouldn't mind having a look to see what you think of it, the address is  I really think it's going to be awesome once we get it going.  Thanks! :)
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