Fräulein Slash (frauleinslash) wrote,
Fräulein Slash


Name: Transition
Rating: K
Word Count: 161

It’s done. I have become one of them.

When did it happen? I can’t put my finger on it. A few years ago it would have been, “Whatever; yeah; so what?”. Today it was A Thing. A Thing to talk about. At least, I suppose, I have noticed. This could have passed without me realising. I could have made the transition from Us to Them without a bat of an eyelid, and that would have been very anticlimactic. It still is.

The blinds-man left the conservatory in a mess; footprints on the rug, sofa misaligned, rubbish pushing the cushions out of pattern and spare, criss-crossed material a fallen, bloodless flag for England. I phoned mum to let her know he’d finished – “What’s it like?”, she wanted to know. Blinds are fine, I said. But he’s left the conservatory in an absolute state.

Us to Them. Nonchalance to petty observation.

There’s nothing to write about, so why am I writing about it?
Tags: drabble, freewriting, original, personal

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