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That's Lunch

Name: That's Lunch
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,106
Summary: Written for the Merlin Kink Meme prompt 'Arthur comes home to (or walks in on/wakes up to) Merlin in nothing but underwear and one of his (Arthur's) blazers.'

All things considered, it hadn't been such a bad day. True, he'd been stuck behind his desk all day and had been forced to answer a few unpleasant phone calls - Michael had a rather irritating habit of passing them on because he knew Arthur could handle them better than he could - but he'd also been given an extra biscuit with his coffee at lunchtime, and there had been a particularly attractive girl sitting opposite him on the tube on the way home; plus, the sun was shining on him now as he walked down the street towards his house, and Arthur was the sort of person whose mood was very easily influenced by the weather. Oh - and there was the small matter of being let off from work early, too. Arthur grinned as he considered this factor, finally reaching the doorstep.

Merlin might have dinner ready soon. His flat-mate performed magic tricks in clubs for a living, so he was usually in during the day, and often felt obliged to provide for Arthur because of this. He was no Nigella Lawson - somewhat thanks to the lack of cleavage, but mainly because he only really had a couple of fairly plain dishes in his repertoire - but Arthur couldn't really complain at food that was on the table when he came in from a busy day at work, could he?

Of course, it rather helped that there was something in the way Merlin's eyes creased at the corners when he smiled and that the sight of him stumbling sleepily into the kitchen in his dressing gown on the mornings stirred something primitive in Arthur's stomach, but Arthur preferred not to think about that. He wasn't gay, after all; he just happened to want to do things to Merlin that many straight boys would balk at. Nothing to phone home about - especially not to Uther, anyway. His father had never been particularly kind towards people with same-sex inclinations, and he doubted he'd be very pleased if his ever-so-successful son turned out to have somewhat sordid dreams about his scrawny, pretty flatmate.

Maybe it was because Merlin was openly gay, Arthur thought as he climbed the stairs to their flat - the lift was, of course, broken. Maybe he was just curious, and knew that Merlin was a chance to explore this curiosity; assuming Merlin reciprocated the attraction, of course. Fearing that the dark-haired boy didn't - and how it might affect their close platonic relationship too - he'd been hoping for a while that his crush would pass. If it didn't, he'd just continue to ignore it, of course. It wasn't the sort of thing that dominated his thoughts so that he couldn't think of anything else; no, he'd had plenty of girlfriends since the first time he'd caught himself thinking about Merlin in the shower. It was more like... well, it was just a fantasy, and that was all. He'd never felt a particularly pressing need to take it any further, though he'd felt plenty of another kind of pressing need where Merlin was concerned.

He smiled as he reached the door at least, fumbling with the key as he realised he was trying to open the door with the wrong one. Seeing as he was home a bit early, there might be a time for a bit more pressing need before lunch was ready.

Shutting the door behind him, he slipped off his overcoat and his tie to hang them on the stand - that had been Merlin's idea. Arthur hadn't been especially fond of the old thing at first, but now he saw that it added a rather Victorian flair to their otherwise modern flat - alright, he conceded, perhaps he was more gay than he liked to admit to himself. "Merlin?" he called from the hall, kicking off his shoes, but he wasn't met with the surprised yet friendly greeting he was expecting.


There was a loud clatter of pans, and Arthur supposed he must have given his flatmate a fright. He took the short step through to the kitchen to help inspect and clear up the damage, undoing his top button so that he could breathe better before he discovered that this was a pretty useless action as his breath was about to catch anyway. The dropped pans were not what caught his eye, though the floor was where he'd started aiming his eyes at. What he saw instead of what he was expecting, however, was bare feet - and those bare feet were attached to bare legs, stretching all the way up to a pair of unfairly tight briefs; trying not to let his gaze linger on this area for too long, Arthur skimmed further up to register that Merlin wasn't entirely naked - he was wearing a blazer over his shoulders. Arthur's blazer; just like the one he'd hung over the hatstand about thirty seconds earlier. Merlin himself was adorably bashful - not that Arthur would ever admit he'd thought 'adorable' in a positive way - with his hands held loosely together in front of his chest as if that would help to conceal him. He worried his lip slightly for a second and then closed his mouth again to gulp, gaze flickering up and down as he struggled to meet Arthur's eyes.


"Arthur, I can... I can explain."


There was a pause as Merlin considered what he'd said, and then he admitted, "No, not really. There isn't really any explanation I can give at all that would make it normal, is there?"

"No, there isn't."


Another uncomfortable silence passed - doubly uncomfortable because Arthur was fairly certain he was going to need to move behind a chair to conceal himself soon, and he doubted he'd be able to do that without being obvious - before Merlin spoke again. "Listen, I'm really sorry. I'll just... I'll go and put something on."

"It's alright."

"I know you're probably quite disturbed at the moment and I know you're probably wondering why I'm wearing your blazer and very little else, so I think 'alright' is possibly the last thing it is, actually, Arthur."

"Well, um." Arthur shifted uncomfortably. Thankfully, the awkwardness of the situation was rendering his need for the chair less desperate, and he felt the emergency disperse itself. Thank goodness. "It's not exactly safe, is it?"


"I said it's not exactly safe. With the... the hot splashes from the pan, and stuff. Might burn yourself."



"Scald; when it's water it's not... well, it's a scald."

"Right." Arthur crossed his arms and felt the guard keeping the smile off his face slip, but didn't make any attempts to put that guard back up. "Well, you might have scalded yourself, and that's really not very safe."

Merlin frowned slightly, mouth opening and shutting once before he finally decided what he actually wanted to say. "Is that really what you're thinking about having burst in on your flatmate wearing your clothes?"

Detecting a hint of confusing insecurity in the angle of Merlin's brow, Arthur wondered whether now wouldn't be a good time to say what he was really thinking. After all - all things considered, it hadn't been such a bad day. True, he'd been stuck behind his desk all day and had been forced to answer a few phone calls, yeah, but... well, he'd also just walked in on the subject of his erotic fantasies next to naked in one of his blazers. Maybe an extra biscuit free and an attractive commuting buddy wasn't the end of his luck today. Maybe today was just a really, really good day - and why not?

"No, actually," he confessed, taking a step closer. Better check if Merlin was willing to play ball first. "Actually, I was wondering why you're wearing my blazer and not... say... your own blazer. Or a shirt. Or full clothing."


Rather than softening up and comforting poor Merlin as he wanted to, Arthur chose to take the hard line. Merlin was cute, but he wasn't that cute. He was going to have to struggle through the humiliating bit if Arthur was going to take the leap to do the same - not, of course, that he knew Arthur felt that way about him, and that'd make it harder, but Arthur had to hold some of the cards in this situation. After all, minus his shoes and his tie he was fully clothed. The same certainly couldn't be said for the other boy. "So... go on. Why my blazer?"

"I was, kind of, erm..."


"Well, I was... er... just getting the smell of it."

Arthur's heart leaped into the silence, and dragged his voice with it. "Getting the smell?" he said hopefully. There must have been a trace of that optimism in there somewhere, because Merlin managed to smile.

"Yes. Because..." he shifted to check that the pans weren't bubbling over, and adjusted the dial to turn the carrots down to a simmer before turning his attention back to the matter at hand, satisfied that his culinary reputation wouldn't suffer because he was distracted by this. "Because I quite like the way you smell, actually, Arthur."

"Oh?" The minimal prompting had seemed to work so far, so he decided to rely on it again as he took one step closer to invading Merlin's personal space. Merlin seemed to straighten slightly in response, as if trying to appear more confident than he obviously felt.


Maybe not. Then again, he supposed it was high time he did some of the legwork. "Well, to be honest, Merlin, I'm quite annoyed you took it without asking. I'm not sure I'd have given you it in the first place if you had."

For a moment, Merlin must have thought he was serious, but then he caught the twinkle in Arthur's eye and it jumped, infectious, to Merlin's own. "Ah. Well, in that case, I apologise."

"Yes, I think you better had. And I think you'd better give it back, please."

Merlin took pause at this. "What... right now?"

Arthur held out a hand for it. "You've had it long enough." Seeing the light dismay on his flatmate's features, he took pity, and continued on to murmur, "Look better without it, anyway."

Encouraged, Merlin managed to put on a pout and a mock-reproachful glance. "Fine." There was some reluctance in his stance as he shuffled his skinny shoulders out of the blazer and held it in front of himself awkwardly as he handed it over. "There."

Perhaps it was cruel, but Arthur quite enjoyed the few moments he spent looking at Merlin without saying a word, just watching him squirm. After a while, however, his gaze changed, and he threw the blazer aside where it landed squarely on the table, forgotten. "Much better."

His cock twitched in his trousers as Merlin stepped closer to place a hand on the spot of exposed neck where he'd unbuttoned his shirt before replacing it with his lips as he spoke against his skin, breath hot and distracting. "Much, much better."


There must have been some obvious indication of his uncertainty, because Merlin pulled away for a second, big beautiful eyes scanning his face inquisitively. "Are you sure about this?"

"I don't know."

Looking a bit disappointed, Merlin stepped back a fraction. "You should have said. I... I don't want to weird you out or anything." Arthur opened his mouth to say something, but as ever Merlin deemed it necessary to talk over him. "Yes, I know fine well that catching me wearing your clothes is weird, and I know you started it. But you're... not normally..."

"Gay?" added Arthur bluntly, and the other boy smiled fondly.

"Well, yes... I was going to say 'into men', but that'll do."

"I'm old enough to be sure about what I want, Merlin," he said reasonably, even though logic really had no place in a conversation like this - they both sensed that it should be more to do with feelings than it should be about thoughts, but neither could ignore the implications of what they might be about to do. "And I've been having dreams about you for long enough to know that what I want is you."

"Oh, Arthur..."

First kisses were meant to be somewhere sensible after decent consideration of what would and would not be comfortable - at least, Arthur thought, they were in all the cheesy TV shows - and it was certainly fair to say that leaning back against the sharp edge of the kitchen table with one of Merlin's hands pressed earnestly against his chest, back arched slightly as he stood on his tip-toes to reach Arthur's lips. Arthur had never kissed a boy before, and was surprised to find it was quite a lot different to kissing a girl. Merlin didn't want to give up control just because Arthur was Arthur; he was having to try his hardest to remain dominant as they pressed their lips together, but eventually it seemed he'd won whatever battle they were fighting as Merlin hummed, high-pitched, and lifted one of his knees up. Somehow, Arthur knew what this meant, and adjusted his hands so that Merlin could jump up - graceless, of course, but heart-wrenchingly cute - to wrap both legs around him.

"Take me through," he murmured against Arthur's ear shyly, and even though Arthur wasn't quite sure, Merlin's bashfulness had already melted him enough; he'd do whatever he was told.


It was far harder to lay Merlin down smoothly on the bed than it looked in films - screw the media for making all of this look so easy - so after a few failed attempts and an endearing half-giggle from Merlin, he slung them both down on their sides and only reattached them once they were both lying down properly. Merlin seemed to want to even the playing board as he tugged at Arthur's shirt, so Arthur assisted in undoing the buttons and didn't fight as it was slipped from his shoulders. The trousers were swift to follow, and they were thrown to slump against the floor somewhere nobody cared about, ignored; Merlin's attention was obviously far more drawn by the peak in Arthur's boxers.

"Do you want...?"

"Yeah. I think so."

Taking the initiative, he shuffled closer to Merlin and kissed his neck, a shaking hand slipping under the tight waistband of his flatmate's briefs to the sound of a heavenly gasp. Definitely encouraging. He took Merlin's cock in his hand nervously, trying to touch him the same way as he touched himself. That way, he knew it would be at least OK, right? Merlin moaned into Arthur's neck, nose bumping into him gently; soon, though, he faced Arthur again to claim his lips in another kiss - deeper, this time, with one hand pressed up against his now-naked chest again. They were so close that he could feel his flatmate flushing red with what he hoped was pleasure; he definitely hadn't complained so far, unless Arthur was misinterpreting the throaty humming very badly.

It came as a surprise when Merlin's hand drifted from his chest to his pants, fingers trailing lightly over the outside of his boxers. He'd expected Merlin to reciprocate, but not at the same time. It felt very near to heaven - certainly this ranked amongst Arthur's favourite sexual experiences already, and he hadn't even finished yet. He broke apart from the kiss for a second to verbalise his appreciation - "Oh, God, Merlin; yes," - and then moved straight back to meet him again in the middle, determined to make this more than a mutual jerk-off between flatmates. Not that such things were normal, granted, but he didn't want Merlin to get the wrong idea. Maybe he'd had fantasies for an age, but that didn't mean fulfilment of them was all he wanted. He wanted Merlin in all his adorable entirety; he wanted this, yes - oh, God, yes, he was more than sure now - but he also wanted cuddles on the sofa in front of Strictly Come Dancing; he wanted a companion whose hand he could hold at office parties. He wanted to be the boyfriend at Merlin's shows, not the flatmate - he wanted to sleep together in one bed, not just shag and separate.

Thankfully, Merlin seemed responsive so far as the kiss went. Arthur could only hope that translated as sincerity.

Merlin's hand eventually slipped into his boxers, and pulled out Arthur's cock completely. They broke apart for a second as Merlin looked down for a quick appreciative glance - "God, you're big," - and then joined again by mutual agreement, eyes closed and fists pumping eagerly as they worked each other to a slow and toe-curling shared orgasm, Merlin gasping into Arthur's shoulder and curling their feet together in a desperate attempt of increasing contact. Sated, they removed their hands and instead put them around each other; Merlin shuffled to rest his head on Arthur's chest and curled to fit around him, head angled so that his eyelashes fluttered gently against Arthur's moist skin. It was, in a word, delicious; neither of them spoke for a moment as they absorbed the atmosphere, and then Merlin cut in.

"You're home early."

"Fuck, you're amazing," Arthur said following a moment of disbelieving silence, and Merlin smiled into his chest; he could feel it even if he couldn't see it, and it made him smile too. "Really."

Merlin seemed a bit too bashful to respond, but he traced stars over Arthur's stomach with a finger, and Arthur guessed it meant he felt likewise. "So... you don't really mind that I was wearing your blazer?"

"I have found I much prefer you without it," he mused, earning an adorable grin, "but no, I really don't mind. Evidently I... I quite liked it."


The oven beeped, and Merlin tutted. "That's lunch."

"Alright," said Arthur bemusedly, but he didn't let go - instead, he cradled Merlin a bit closer to him, and explained himself seconds later. "I'm not hungry."



"Well, alright."

Comfortably, they settled together in their warmth. They'd have to change Merlin's sheets, Arthur mused, but all in all, well... that wasn't much of a blemish on his day.
Tags: fandom: merlin, pairing: arthur/merlin

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  • Cathy's Flowers

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