Fräulein Slash (frauleinslash) wrote,
Fräulein Slash


Sorry for being so active today, f-list!  I just thought I'd re-post this while I remembered.  If you have a suggestion for something you think I should write, please post it here; I'd love to get some ideas!
Tags: meme

  • That's Lunch

    Name: That's Lunch Fandom: Merlin Pairing: Arthur/Merlin Rating: R Word Count: 3,106 Summary: Written for the Merlin Kink Meme prompt ' Arthur comes…

  • Blur

    Name: Blur Pairing: Arthur/Merlin Fandom: Merlin (BBC Series) Rating: T+ Word Count: 203 Maybe magic wouldn’t be so bad if it felt like this.…

  • Cathy's Flowers

    Name: Cathy's Flowers Rating: K Word Count: 712 Notes: Freewritten as a response to this photograph, which was uploaded by this Flickr user. Cathy…

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